John Leo

If you are looking for my UCLA PhD thesis, it is here: Fourier Coefficients of Triangle Functions.

Upcoming and Recent Presentations and Performances

I do independent research in mathematics and computer science at Halfaya Research. I am particularly interested in analysis and synthesis of music.

I perform on 中阮 (zhongruan) with the Seattle Chinese Orchestra. I also compose music and play the piano.

I was co-chair (with Youyou Cong) of FARM 2022, the ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modelling and Design. In 2023 I was again co-chair of FARM, this time with Mae Milano. I am now on the FARM Steering Committee.

I was an alpine climb and scramble leader for the Mountaineers, although I'm taking a break from mountaineering.

I currently focus on running and competitive racing as a member of Club Northwest, where I was the Vice President of Teams from 2020-23.

Email: leo@(this domain)