UW Category Theory Class


I will be leading a summer class on introductory category theory at the University of Washington, aimed at programming language researchers. It will cover the basics of the subject and be motivated throughout with examples and applications from programming languages and computer science in general. It is not expected that participants do any outside reading or work, but optional homework problems will be assigned for those interested. The class will be in-person only, and is intended to be highly interactive and hopefully fun for everyone.

Dates, Time and Location

The class will meet Tuesdays 11am-12noon starting July 11 (see the syllabus below for details). The location is Gates (CSE2) 271. At 12noon, lunch will be provided in the PLSE lab. The final class is September 12.


We will primarily follow Pierce, at least for the basic outline of topics. Section numbers are for his book.

UW Category Theory

Outlines of Classes with Exercises

Additional Notes


All of these are available online, but I have only provided links for those that are officially free. 

Primary Text

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