Math 33B Section 2a and 2b Information

TA: John Leo
Office: MS 3915E

Office Hours

NOTICE:  Extra office hours Monday March 22:  10am-12noon, 1pm-2pm in MS 3915E.

Monday 11am-12noon (in the Student Math Center, MS 3974, for lower-division courses only)
Wednesday 10-11am (preference 33B)
Thursday 12:50-1:50pm (preference 132)

You may also get help in the Student Math Center, anytime it is open (generally Monday-Thursday, 9am-3pm).


Homework Due Dates

Homework is due in lecture on the due date.  The grader picks it up directly from the professor so you cannot turn in homework to me.

I will return the graded homework to you in section the following week.  If you cannot attend, I'll leave it outside my office in the hallway so pick it up from there.

Homework Grading

If you believe a problem was misgraded, or there was some addition or other error, please write a short note explaining the situation, attach it to your homework, and return it to me (either in person, in my mailbox, or under my office door). I will contact the grader.