Math 32A Section Information

TA: John Leo
Office: MS 3915E

Office Hours

Monday, June 14: 10am-12noon, 1pm-3pm.

Monday 2-3pm (in the Student Math Center, MS 3974, for lower-division courses only)
Wednesday 1:50-2:50pm (preference 32A)
Thursday 2:50-3:50pm (preference 132)

You may also get help in the Student Math Center, anytime it is open (generally Monday-Thursday, 9am-3pm).


Homework and Quizzes

NOTICE:  Quizzes are now at the end of section rather than the beginning.

You are responsible for doing all of the assigned homework, but you do not turn it in.  Instead we will have quizzes every section.  Each quiz will consist of two problems chosen from the homework assigned the previous week (generally one easier and one harder problem).  The quiz will start sometime between 11:35am and 11:40am and will last for 10 minutes.  You will not be given extra time if you arrive late, and there are no makeup quizzes, so arrive on time!  Make sure to bring a blank sheet of paper and something to write with.  Before the quiz we will talk about general homework problems; you may arrive just before the quiz if you like, but please don't disturb the section in progress.

There is a grader for the class who will grade quizzes, and I'll return them the following week.  If you miss getting a graded quiz back, I'll leave it outside my office in the hallway so pick it up from there.

Quiz Grading

If you believe a problem was misgraded, or there was some addition or other error, please write a short note explaining the situation, attach it to your homework, and return it to me (either in person, in my mailbox, or under my office door). I will contact the grader.