Math 132 Section Information

TA: John Leo
Office: MS 3915E

Office Hours

NOTICE:  Extra office hours Wednesday March 24:  9-10:30am in MS 3915E.  I will also be available on Tuesday March 23 by request; send me email to arrange a time.

Monday 11am-12noon (in the Student Math Center, MS 3974, for lower-division courses only)
Wednesday 10-11am (preference 33B)
Thursday 12:50-1:50pm (preference 132)


Textbook Errata

You can find a list of corrections for the textbook here.


NOTICE:  Homework 7 is due Friday, March 19 by 1pm.  Slip it under my office door or put it in my mailbox.  No late homework will be accepted!

Homework problems and other handouts are available on the class homepage.  Prof. Effros will also provide solutions to problems on this page.  My own comments and solutions for the problems I grade can be found below.

Homework is due by 1pm on the due date.
No late homework will be accepted.  Hand in what you have done by the deadline, but make sure you understand how to solve all of the problems before the next test.

You will normally turn in homework in lecture.  If you cannot make it to lecture, leave the homework either in my mailbox or (preferably) under my door.  Do not leave it outside my office!  You must still hand it in before the deadline.

I will return the graded homework to you in the next section.  If you cannot attend, I'll leave it outside my office in the hallway so pick it up from there.

Homework Grading

I will grade roughly 3-4 problems for each assignment.  Each problem is worth 3 points. A grade of 0 indicates no solution or a substantially wrong solution. A grade of 3 indicates a correct or nearly correct solution. Otherwise the grade given is 1 or 2 depending upon how much work was put in and how close the solution is to being correct.

If you believe a problem was misgraded, or I made some addition or other error, please write a short note explaining the situation, attach it to your homework, and return it to me (either in person, in my mailbox, or under my office door). Iíll take a look and return the homework in the next section.

Homework Comments

I will provide some comments on your homework assignment when I grade it, but it's more efficient for me to write one set of comments and post them to the web.  I'll try to prove solutions to problems I grade also.  Feel free to ask about these or other solutions in section or office hours as well.