Math 117 Section Information

TA: John Leo
Office: MS 3915E

Office Hours

Tuesday 2-2:50pm
Wednesday 2-2:50pm (preference 117)
Thursday 2-3pm (preference 115A; in MS 6118)

Send me email if you can't make this time and need to talk with me.

Homework Due Dates

Homework is due Thursdays by 11am.
No late homework will be accepted.  Hand in what you have done by the deadline, but make sure you understand how to solve all of the problems before the next test.

You may give the homework to me in section, leave it in my mailbox, or slip it under my office door.  Do not leave it outside my office!

You need hand in only the starred problems.  In fact I prefer that you don't hand in the others, so that I don't have to sift through them.

I will return the graded homework to you in the next section.  If you cannot attend, I'll leave it outside my office in the hallway so pick it up from there.

Homework Grading

I will grade all of and only the starred problems.  Each problem is worth 2 points. A grade of 0 indicates no solution or a substantially wrong solution. A grade of 2 indicates a correct or nearly correct solution. Otherwise the grade given is 1.

Due to the large number of students and problems to grade, I am unable to provide much in the way of comments on your paper.  I'm sorry about this, but I will try to write up general comments for each assignment and post them to this web page.  If you have specific questions about any problem, please ask me after section or in office hours.

Homework Comments

Comments  for graded problems are provided here.  They are in PDF format which you can view using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Note that homework solutions will be written up by Prof. Hida and distributed before each exam.

Note that when homework scores are recorded on MyUCLA, I divide the homework score by two and then round up since the MyUCLA points (1 point per problem) are always half of the points I assign (2 points per problem).  For problems with multiple stars (*), each star is worth 2 points in my grading, or 1 point in MyUCLA grading.