Math 116 Section Information

TA: John Leo
Office: MS 3915E

Office Hours

Monday 2-3pm (in the Student Math Center, MS 3974, for lower-division courses only)
Wednesday 1:50-2:50pm (preference 32A)
Thursday 2:50-3:50pm (preference 132)


Textbook Errata

I don't see any errata for the textbook available on the web, but if you find any errors please let me know.

Homework Grading

I plan to grade 3-4 problems per week.  Each problem will be worth 3 points.  A grade of 0 indicates no solution or
a substantially wrong solution. A grade of 3 indicates a correct or nearly correct solution. Otherwise the grade given is 1 or 2 depending upon how much work was put in and how close the solution is to being
correct. How neat and clear your solution is also affects the grade I give.

If you believe a problem was misgraded, or I made some addition or other error, please write a short note explaining the situation, attach it to your homework, and return it to me (either in person, in my mailbox, or under my office door). Iíll take a look and return the homework in the next section.

I'll leave graded homework in a box outside my office for those who don't pick it up in section.

Homework Solutions and Comments

I plan to write solutions for problems which don't have solutions in the textbook, and comments for the problems I grade.  They will be posted here and links will be made from the main course page.