Math 110C Section Information

TA: John Leo
Office: MS 3915E

Office Hours

Week 9: Tues 11-12; Wed 3-4; Thurs 3-4
Week 10: Mon 11-12, 3-4; Wed 11-12, 3-4; Thurs 11-12 (all preference 110C)
Finals Weeks: Mon 10-12, 1-3 (for 246A)


Math 110BH Notes

An excellent set of notes for Math 110BH by Andrew Nguyen can be found here.

Textbook Errata

Errata for the second and third editions of the textbook can be found here.


Information on using latex to typeset your homework (or use in general) can be found here.


Homework is posted on the class webpage.  It is due Friday, June 10, by 5pm.  However I strongly recommend you hand in problems every week.  Try to get in the habit of doing at least 5 problems each week.  It is a good idea to do even more near the beginning since you'll generally start with the easier problems and save the harder ones, which take longer, for the end.  It's also a good idea to start working on some of the harder problems early on since they may take several weeks of on-and-off work before you solve them.  I suggest working in groups both to help each other solve the problems and also to motivate each other to keep handing in problems each week.  Of course make sure you understand each solution yourself, and write them up individually.

For the time being, I will be grading homework over the weekend.  Any homework problems handed in by Friday at 3pm (either on my desk or under my door) will be graded that weekend, and you should be able to pick them up Monday in office hours.  I'll also hand back graded homework in section.  Depending on volume I may not be able to grade everything over a weekend.  I will grade homework roughly in the order it is turned in.

Each problem will be worth 2 points.  The general rule is that you get 2 points if the problem is completely correct (or very close), 1 point if it is not completely correct but is at least half correct, and 0 points otherwise.  I will grade some problems more carefully than others and will try to be consistent about grading each problem.  You are allowed to redo problems that you get less than full points on, as long as your redo is handed in by June 10.  Since you need not turn in a problem until you are satisfied with it, try to get the problems completely correct the first time so that you don't have to worry about redoing them.

Note that no solutions will be posted this quarter, but you may of course ask Prof. Elman and myself for help with solving any of the problems.