Math 110BH Section Information

TA: John Leo
Office: MS 3915E

Office Hours

Office hours finals week:  Monday (3/21) 10-12; Wednesday (3/23) 10-12 and 1-2.

Thursday 10:50-11:50 (preference 32BH)
Thursday 1:50-2:50 (preference 110BH)
Thursday 2:50-3:50 (no preference)


Textbook Errata

Errata for the second and third editions of the textbook can be found here.


Information on using latex to typeset your homework (or use in general) can be found here.


Homework is posted on the class webpage.  It is due in section on the date posted.  You may also leave it in my mailbox or under my office door before 5pm on the day it is due.  I'll grade the homework and return it in section the following Thursday.

Homework Grading

I plan to grade about 4 problems per week.  Each problem will be worth 10 points.  You are allowed to redo problems that you get less than full points on, and it is fine to ask for more detailed help the second time around.  So ideally everyone should get full credit on homework.  I will try to grade homework soon after it is turned in, and you may either pick up your homework in the next section or directly from me.  If you hand in homework late, it may take me much longer to grade it.

I will grade two of the four problems carefully, and two superficially. Superficial grading means I skim over it to see if you seem to have gotten the main ideas, but I don't check your proof or computations carefully.  So I may well miss errors in the solution.  If you are worried that something in your solution might be incorrect and I didn't catch it, please ask me.  I may also miss errors even for a problem labeled as being graded carefully, so again feel free to ask if you aren't sure something is right.

This term I would like to start a theme of everyone being more self-critical about their proofs.  This means really thinking about your solution and convincing yourself that your proof is airtight.  This is an important skill to develop especially for those going on to grad school, whether in math or some other scientific or analytic area.  If there are parts of your proof you have doubts about it is a good idea to point them out in your solution so that I can give you better feedback.  I think if you start now and really try to work on this you'll be in very good shape by the end of the school year, and be able to tell if your proofs are correct without someone else checking them.

Homework Solutions and Comments

Homework solutions and comments for graded problems will be posted here when they are available.  I will post solutions for non-graded problem, and comments for graded problems that will be replaced by solutions when everyone has redone the graded problem to satisfaction.  I'll note when a given solution document has been revised.