Math 110AH Section Information

TA: John Leo
Office: MS 6147

If you send me email make sure the subject mentions Math 110AH or I might not see it amidst the sea of spam I get every day.

Office Hours

Finals week:
Monday:  2-4
Tuesday: 1-3
Wednesday: 1-3
Thursday: 1-3

Subject to change.  I might not be in Tuesday.  Those days I am in, you're welcome to stop by anytime, but I only guarantee to be there during the posted office hours.


Homework Due Dates

Homework 7 is due at the start of the final exam (Friday, December 15 at 8am).  You may hand it in earlier, however, to get a copy of the solutions.  There will be no rewrites for homework 7 but I will give fractional points when I grade.

Textbook Errata

Errata for the second and third editions of the textbook can be found here.

Rubik's Cube

Daniel Bump's excellent notes on group theory and Rubik's Cube can be found here.


Information on using latex to typeset your homework (or use in general) can be found here.


Homework is posted on the class webpage.  It is due in section on the date posted.  You may also leave it on my desk or under my office door before 5pm on the day it is due.  Note that you can no longer leave homework in the mailroom.  I'll grade the homework and return it in section the following Thursday.

Homework Grading

I plan to grade about 4 problems per week.  Each problem will be worth 2 points.  The general rule is that you get 2 points if the problem is completely correct (or very close), 1 point if it is not completely correct but is at least half correct, and 0 points otherwise.  You are expected to redo problems that you get fewer than full points on, and you are allowed to redo problems several times (but try very hard to get it right the first or at least second time!).  I highly recommend doing your homework in LaTeX which will make it much easier to revise solutions.  Note that I will only grade hardcopy solutions, so you must print them out rather than sending them to me via email.

I will try to grade homework over the weekend after it is due, and you may be able to stop by my office as early as Monday if you want to see if you need to redo problems.  Otherwise I'll hand back homework in section.

Homework Rewrites

For rewrites, please hand back your original homework (along with any previous rewrites) with the rewritten problems. If you just missed some detail it is fine to just write in the missing detail on the original homework (or last rewrite), but make sure to emphasize it somehow (different color ink, box around it, or whatever), so that I can find it. For more substantial rewrites it's better to completely redo the problem on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to the packet. Make sure to clearly indicate which problems you are redoing. There is no specific due date for rewrites, but it's good to get them in soon while the problem is still fresh in your mind. Be sure your rewritten solution is really correct to avoid having to redo the problem once again. I'll grade rewrites when I have the time, but will give higher priority to grading new homework problems.

Homework Solutions

Solutions to all problems are now posted.