Some people might want to try using latex to do their homework.  This is a superb mathematical typesetting system that nearly all math papers and books are typeset in these days.  If you'll do any writing that includes mathematics you will want to use latex, so it is best to start learning to use it as soon as possible!  It can be a little daunting at first, but if you try you'll find it's very easy to use.  You just type in the latex source code using your favorite text editor, compile it with latex into either a DVI or PDF file, and then view and print that file.  Everything comes out beautifully with no effort.  Algebra is fairly easy to typeset with latex since it tends not to have fancy formatting (at least at this level---things like commutative diagrams can be a pain) so this is a good class to start using it in.  Also it will save a lot of time when you rewrite a problem!

Another great thing about latex is that it's free.  The best free implementation for the PC is MiKTeX, and there are free implementations for the Mac and Linux as well if you search for them.  You want to use LaTeX2e with AMS (American Mathematical Society) extensions.  This is the current version and the AMS packages are loaded in the header file below.  There's plenty of free documentation on latex available online, as well as books written about it.  The best book I've seen (which I therefore own) is by Kopka and Daly and the book by Gratzer seems decent as well.  I'll be happy to get people started; to that end I've included the source code to the first homework solutions to give you an idea of how you might write up solutions using latex.

Here is the latex source file for the homework 1 solutions (excluding solutions to the four graded problems):

This file includes two general useful files.  On my computer they are in a directory two levels up from math110ah-1.tex itself.  If you want to put them in a different place on your computer, or not use them at all, change the lines near the top of math110ah-1.tex that refer to them.

This file adjusts margins to waste less space:

This file contains useful macro commands:

Let me know if you have questions.  Have fun!