Alone again, walking briskly along the streets, now brightly lit by streetlamps and shop windows, I find that my mood has radically changed: a brand new exhilaration quickens my body, churns my thoughts, colors every little thing around me. It is no longer the mindless indifference of this morning, but a sort of happiness, and even enthusiasm, without precise cause....

Without cause, indeed? Why not admit it? My meeting with Djinn is the obvious cause of this sudden and remarkable transformation. At every moment, for any reason or for no reason at all, I think of her. Her image, her silhouette, her face, her gestures, the way she moves, above all her smile are much to present in my mind; my job certainly does not require that I pay that much attention to the person of my employer.

I look at the shops (rather unattractive in this part of town), the passersby, the dogs (usually I hate dogs), with benevolence. I want to sing, to run. I see smiles on every face. Ordinarily, people look dumb and sad. Today, they have been touched by some inexplicable grace.

My new job is certainly fun: it has the taste of adventure. But it has more than that: It has the taste of an adventure that is a love affair.... I have always been a romantic, and fond of make-believe, that's for certain. I should, therefore, be doubly careful in this matter. My runaway imagination might well cause errors in my judgments and even gross mistakes in my actions.