Love here now

On the other side is the garden and the house, which have not moved. Right. Now we're home again. We've had enough of outings into the country, voyages, adjectives, and metaphors. We tried that for fun; it wasn't much fun.

We change. We put on blouses so worn as to have become transparent, and we do not even bother to button them. We make chocolate in large cups. On our skin there are at worst one or two little marks left here and there; they must be mosquito bites.

We try to read one of the old books that have been lying in a corner since goodness knows when. And we find it really too silly.... We catch sight of each other's eye for a moment as if inadvertently. We say no more and yet this time we know it has been said: we are going to sleep together.

There is no one about. It's easy. We pretend to be very sleepy all of a sudden; but it's not true, as we know very well: it's only in order not to frighten each other, and also not to be scared any more.