Djinn: un trou rouge entre les pavés disjoints

Djinn: a red hole between disjointed paving stones

Publishing History

French Editions

Published 1981 by Les Editions de Minuit.

The text is from Le rendez-vous. See the Notes section below.

US Editions

Published 1982 by Grove Press as Djinn. Translated by Yvone Lenard and Walter Wells.

In 1987 Grove Press packaged this with La Maison de Rendez-Vous as Djinn and La Maison de Rendez-Vous. This remains the edition available.

UK Editions

Unknown by me.


(Relationship with Le rendez-vous)

This novel seems a little out of place among Robbe-Grillet's work, but is still very good and even a nice introduction to him. It was originally written as a textbook with Cal State Dominguez Hills (later--or earlier--U.C. San Diego I believe) professor Yvone Lenard titled Le rendez-vous. Lenard provided a grammatical progression, and Robbe-Grillet generated his novel from that, so it becomes progressively more complicated grammatically. Unfortunately this aspect is lost in the English translation, but it's still a lot of fun to read, his lightest and most humorous book. Unfortunately Le rendez-vous is now nearly impossible to find. The text of Djinn is nearly identical to the text of Le rendez-vous, although there are minor modifications throughout, and of course Lenard's exercies as well as the preface are missing. In their place, a prologue and epilogue have been added.