Angélique ou l'enchantement

Angélique, or the Enchantment

Publishing History

French Editions

Published 1988 by Les Editions de Minuit. The copyright year is 1987, but the dépôt légal is January 1988.

US Editions

Not yet available, although according to Books in Print it was published by Riverrun Press in 1994. When I tried to special order it I was told that it had in fact not been published and that Riverrun had no definite plans to do so. (10/10/95)

UK Editions

No UK edition seems to be published.

Other Editions

Apparently a German-language paperback edition was published by Suhrkamp in 1989.


A passage around page 190 is an excerpt (with some modifications) of an article originally written for La Nouvelle Observiteur, which appears translated in Harpers magazine under the title "Beware of Pure Love" (include reference). I'll include an excerpt here eventually.