Father Jean prefers to not leave the beach so as to not lose sight of the Star of the Seas. One never knows what might happen when Petit Louis takes a nap. Olga has no desire to explore the island. She has other things on her mind. They are sitting in the crevice of a rock in the form of a siren that the bay is named for. They will be sheltered there to rest. The presence of Olga nearly naked next to him disturbs Father Jean. Her leopardskin swimsuit makes her look like a wild thing. She has a slightly heavy figure that makes him dream. How could he live so long in chastity as if heíd taken his vows at the same time as Sister Blanche? Olga knows what to do. The presence nearby of Matty excites her desire. Siren Rock is a propitious place.

They donít suspect that at the top of his lighthouse the keeper is observing them through his binoculars, waiting for the moment to film them through the superzoom lens of his digital movie camera. This isnít the first time that a couple has come to nestle in the crevice of this rock. The keeper was at first content to watch the scene through his binoculars. Then he had the idea to buy a digital camcorder to film that which he observed with such great interest. He is thus making a collection of videotapes for which he plans to offer exclusive rights to the future Video Palace. He heard it said that there would be a special area reserved for amateur films. He is careful with shooting and composition to make his films artistic. His life as a lighthouse keeper is over! He will soon switch to video. He is delighted to have accepted this post that no one wanted due to its isolation. He finds himself the least isolated of men. Thanks to his Internet connection, he communicates with the other lighthouse keepers. He soon plans to create his own site to broadcast excerpts of his best tapes for advertising purposes.

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