High School Writing, Summers 1981 and 1982

Summer 1981

1 Ding! Ding! Ding!
2 At the Edge of the Universe

Summer 1982

1 The Last Friday
2 Surviving in a Hostile Environment
The first story I published in our high school's literary magazine. The original title was "When the World Runs Out...."
3 Right Before the End of the World
4 The Exciting Adventures of the Hibernauts as They Travel Through Time and Space
A zero-word story.
5 Ten-second-rest-break
One-page throwaway, written on the back of a menu during a rest break while working at the KofC.
6 Waiting for Someone to Die
7 Dan's Birthdayland Adventure
I started this then, but didn't finish it until 13 months later.
8 The Big IT
IT stands for iced tea. A one-page throwaway.
9 The problems encountered in cross-breeding an earthworm with a temperate hippopotamus who has a fetish for pickled herring and Jordan almonds
The title is by Mary Jane McConahay, my favorite customer at the restaurant I worked at. The idea was to base a story on the title (and I did the same for her). Unfortunately the title is far more interesting than the story.