August 14, 1995
Additions September 20, 1995.

Great thanks to Daniel Sternbergh for telling me about this. I'm not much of a Dilbert fan but this particular one fits in so well with this story that I had to include it here, at least for the time being.

See the Dilbert collection Always Postpone Meetings with Time-Wasting Morons (1992) by Scott Adams, page 55, the cartoon dated "7-13" (1989).

Here is the text of the first two frames (the speaker in both is Dilbert). The third is rather superfluous and in fact detracts from the first two, so I've left it out. Had Adams deleted that and moved the part after the ellipsis to the third frame it would have matched the Party structure perfectly.

  1. I asked Debbie for a date, but she said she was feeling antisocial tonight.
  2. Then I asked Laura, but she said she was feeling antisocial, too...so Debbie and Laura decided to go to the movies with each other.

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