Now it is Mae's turn. She tells a story of her childhood, of growing up in a tiny apartment in the middle of the city, in the walls of the apartment lived a mouse, Mae was scared of the mouse, she wanted it to come out and play with her, the mouse came out only at night when she was asleep, the mouse never came out of the walls, she tried to tempt it to come out by placing a peach by the hole, the mouse didn't like peaches, Mae tried a plate of extra-crunchy chocolate almond biscotti, the mouse came out to nibble at it, Mae caught the mouse, she cooked and ate it, hahaha, that's a joke of course, the mouse never came out. Mae thinks that if she only had a peanut butter cookie--it would have to be a special recipe--it would be just the right size to stop the hole. Then the mouse would never bother her again.

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