Something has happened. Mark, who without fail has brought peanut butter cookies every day, today has not brought cookies. Instead he has brought gingerbread men. We are all surprised. Theresa and Mae meet to talk about this unexpected development. Mae feels that Mark must have experienced some recent tragedy, for example his wife has left him or his car has broken down. Theresa is of the opinion that Mark had suffered from some childhood trauma, which had been repressed and only now is starting to surface.

It is more likely that Mark is simply tired of peanut butter cookies, or feels that everyone else is tired of peanut butter cookies, or has noticed that not all of the peanut butter cookies get eaten every day. Perhaps he thinks that Theresa, who refuses to eat the peanut butter cookies, will eat a gingerbread man instead. He is mistaken, however: Theresa believes the gingerbread men are just as fattening as the peanut butter cookies. So she refuses to eat them as well. What is more, Mae also cannot eat the gingerbread men, since she is vegetarian. This means that I must eat more gingerbread men, so that Mark does not feel his efforts are unappreciated.

Unlike the peanut butter cookies, the gingerbread men have no patterns whatsoever on them. It is impossible to discern any sort of facial expression in the region of the head. However, with a drastic increase in entropy so imminent, it is difficult to believe the expression would be a happy one.

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