It is Mark who bakes the cookies. He brings them every day. He says that he bakes them himself. I am not sure if I believe him. In any case they are good cookies. I try to give some to Theresa. She refuses to eat them. She says they are fattening. That cannot be true. I eat two or three, every day, and my weight does not change. Mae eats the cookies too. She likes the cookies a lot. They make her happy. I ask her why she does not bake cookies herself, since she likes them so much. She says she does not know how to bake cookies, alas and alack. I like the way she says that: alas and alack. Only Mark knows how to bake cookies. He refuses to reveal his secret recipe. Mae tries to get Mark to tell her his secret recipe. She tempts him with chocolates. He is not interested in her choclates. The cookies are aways the same, always peanut butter cookies. Mark makes crisscross patterns on the tops. The patterns remind me of the city. Theresa says they remind her of a spider's web. It is obvious she is not from the city. I am not from the city either. I tell Theresa that we have a lot in common. She does not agree. Since I like cookies and she does not, it is impossible for us to have a lot in common.

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