Cookie Stories 7

Nothing from Nothing

One dozen roses, a candlelit dinner, long walks on the beach under the soft moonlight, cuddling in front of a warm can we escape these cliches which have removed all meaning from romance and create something new? So begins Luke's personal ad. Unfortunately no one else seems interested in creating a new concept of romance because he doesn't get a single reply. Furthermore the women he writes to say that he should be sending them real flowers instead of crude drawings of them.

Just as he is about to give up hope, he gets a letter from Theresa. She says she is interested in hearing his ideas. Luke writes back saying that he unfortunately hasn't figured out the details yet.

Theresa suggests they could try baking the cliches into cookies, and using them as building blocks to create a new romance. She starts with a dozen rose-shaped cookies. Luke realizes they are no longer bound by reality and replies with a long walk under the light of twelve moons. The baked cliches become more elaborate and dense, until the pressure becomes too great and they explode.

Theresa cuddles with Luke on the beach under a candlelit sky. Luke says he loves her as he gazes into the moon reflected onto the flaming roses floating in the limpid pools of her eyes.

They agree that they should meet in person sometime.

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