Cookie Stories 6

Ookiiai shinhatsubai
(Big Love Now On Sale)

Mae is devastated when Luke leaves her for Theresa. She goes on a shopping spree to try to forget him, but everything she buys only brings back memories of Luke. The bouquet of flowers is just like their relationship, starting out so beautifully but quickly withering away with time. The cookies make her recall that Luke had once said Theresa's cookies were better than hers, which must have been why he left her.

After exhausting every store in the mall, Mae happens upon a tiny place hidden away in the basement. Here various potions are sold. One makes the other person fall in love with you, but the salesman, whose name is Mark, says that is being saved for a later story. Another makes you forget about the other person, but this one has to be taken every day and quickly would get too expensive.

Mark says that if she doesn't want to forget about Luke she can do just the opposite. He can build her a robot that is an exact duplicate of Luke, and she can go out with that. Mae decides to do this. For a while she is very happy, but before long the robot too falls out of love with her. She turns it off and puts it in the closet.

When Mae goes back to the store to complain, she realizes that Mark is very handsome, and in fact looks just like Luke. So she goes out with him instead. Again she is happy.

One day, however, she returns home to find Mark and the robot sitting at the dining room table, talking amicably. Mark admits to her that he, too, is a robot, and that both were created by Luke so that she wouldn't be too sad after he left her. Mark says Luke and Theresa send their regards from Paris.

Mark and the other robot call out a friendly "au revoir" over and over as Mae smashes them to pieces. She decides to build her own robot which is in every way the antithesis of Luke, and she names it Matt. The first thing Matt does is bake cookies for her.

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