Abandoned Stories

High School

These are not really in any kind of order, since I don't even recall when I intended to write most of them. I only remember most of them at all due to comments in introductions and afterwords of other stories.
Prerequisites for Popularity (essay)
Angle Addition Theorem
"I'm Gumby, Dammit!" (or: Refuting the Pauli Exclusion Principle)
This story was to be written for a friend, Paul Hoar. However I only wrote the introduction and part of one page, apparently. This was due to be my last story of summer 1982.
Gatoria, F.V.
I don't recall what this was to be about, or even what F.V. stands for, but Gatoria refers to my Chemistry class, where the teacher, Mr. Mauger, hated Izod and made anyone wearing one of their shirts sit in an "aligator pit" he marked off at the front of the room.
Actually I remember a little more, now. I think "F.V." might stand for "First Visit", and Gatoria is a land in which rages a battle between the Mugli-uglies and the Average-normals.
Je parle du lait
This was supposed to be a story in French, and supposedly I wrote some of it, but I can't find it.
To be a companion piece for "Soldier!".
Water, Water, Everywhere!
Operation Crusader, the Test
Subtitled: A narrative account of a "vacation" at Fort Meyer's Beach, Florida.
Approaching Infinity (trilogy)
  1. Into the Void
  2. Out of the Void and Into the Calculus
  3. Approaching Infinity
TAA's Travels


The Passion of Nancy
This was to be written for my third "little sister" at Epsilon Theta, Nancy Choi. It was to be structured around the stations of the cross, with her twelve boyfriends having the names of the apostles, and the fourteen stories having clever titles like "Nancy Falls in Love a Second Time", "Nancy Strips", and "Nancy is Laid in the Bed".
I've been thinking recently of reviving this in a distorted form to be the fourth story of Cinq nouvelles topologiquement équivalent à une sphère (11/1/95)


Equivalence of San Francisco, Tokyo, and Paris
To be a joint work with Daniel Sternbergh for the AIR (Annals of Improbable Research) in which we prove using knot theory that these three are actually the same city.