Mt. Tamalpais

Ocean Beach in San Francisco, one of my favorite rest stops.

A ship heading toward the port.

Marin Headlands.


View of Mt. Tamalpais from Sausalito.  I think:  I'm going to climb this?

Getting closer.

Fog rolling in during the climb.

From just below the West Peak.  San Francisco is near the center, but it is very hard to make out in the photo.

West Peak.

Still some climbing left to get to the East Peak.

Concession stand at the top.  The chili wasn't very good but revitalized me anyway.  The water (a fountain can be seen in the foreground), on the other hand, was excellent, the best I've run across on a bike trip.

The San Bruno Mountain in South San Francisco.  Fortunately I went around it on the way home.

Oracle viewed from the Foster City bike path.

Thirty minutes later...after getting lost on the bike paths I arrive across the water from Oracle.


Sunset reflecting off Oracle building 100.

I rode home in the dark along El Camino Real.

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