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Palo Alto--San Francisco--Half Moon Bay--Palo Alto

My first "solo" century took place Sunday, April 26, 1998. I decided to bike from home to San Francisco along Canada Road, the Sawyer Camp Trail (which I'd never been on before), and Skyline Blvd (Highway 35). The original plan was to bike to Cliff House and turn around there, but I felt good enough when I reached the City that I biked around Golden Gate Park and near the Golden Gate Bridge instead, and somehow never even passed Cliff House.

I then took Highway 1 down to Half Moon Bay, stopping at a friend's place again. This was pretty much the same as the trip the previous week with Mike Vermeulen, except I took some pictures this time. After refeuling with a delicious bagel, I biked home over my favorite Tunitas Creek Road and Kings Mountain Road.

My bike loaded up and ready to go.

I didn't take any pictures along Canada Road, but there are two beautiful pictures (of the Pulgas Water Temple and Crystal Springs Reservoir by Lucas Pereira on one of his bike trip picture pages. There are also a lot of other nice pictures there, including some of the coast which I also cycled past.

The green sign says "TRESPASSING LOITERING FORBIDDEN BY LAW" and the brown sign says "NO ACCESS Trail to open in Summer of 1998". Oh no, the Sawyer Camp Trail is closed!

A little further north: The brown signs on each pillar say "HISTORIC SAWYER CAMP TRAIL". Oh, I guess this is it!

One of the many beautiful views from the trail.

The Great Highway, and the first view of the ocean.

Flowers in Golden Gate Park.

Golden Gate Bridge from the bay side.

Golden Gate Bridge from the ocean side.

Sharp Park Golf Course in Pacifica. I haven't played there yet.

Highway 1 near Devil's Slide.

My friend in front of his house in Half Moon Bay.

The Santa Cruz Mountain foothills on the ocean side.

The steep section of Tunitas Creek Road, where I wore out.

Home at last!

The trip lasted 10 hours 15 minutes with 7:31:20 cycling time. Distance was 106.54 miles. Average speed was 14.16 mph. The last three measurements are from my Avocet 45tt cyclocomputer and are not nearly accurate to the decimal places they suggest. Below is the approximate route.

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