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My Bicycles

When I moved back to Palo Alto in 1994, I bought a 93 Giant Innova hybrid. However in the summer of 1995 this was stolen at the San Antonio Shopping Center in Mountain View. Kyoko later had a tire stolen there; we now of course no longer bike to there!

Although it was an unpleasant experience, it was good in the end because it gave me an excuse to get a new and better bike (which I did the same day, I believe). After trying out several brands of hybrids I found I still liked Giant the best, and got the 95 Innova. It was a big improvement over the 93 model: Grip Shift, better components over all, a little lighter, and a much nicer color. I'll put a picture up here in the near future, but there are a few on this page.

In 1997 I started thinking about buying a road bike, and after trying out several in 97 and 98, finally settled on the 98 Trek 2120, which I purchased April 4, 1998. Here's a picture from the Trek website. You can click on it to go to the website which has more information, but which will only be valid during 1998 of course:

Here's a picture of my bike loaded up for my first solo century ride.

I'll write more about the bike later, but I absolutely love it so far. There are a few pictures from my first long (135 mile) trip on it here.

Kyoko's Bicycles

Kyoko originally bought a used Giant Nutra hybrid when I bought my 93 Innova; I'm not sure of the year. It's an okay bike but not great.

In March, 1998 she bought a very nice hybrid, a 97 Trek 730. We got a good deal since it was the previous year's model, and it was a doubly good deal since Trek downgraded the components on their 98 model.

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