Cycling Summer 1997

 In 1997 I got very interested in bicyling.  By chance Karen Dickson, a friend from MIT days, also got very interested in cycling that year, so she visited me around the end of August so we could cycle around some of the nice routes near Palo Alto.  Here are some pictures from two of the trips:  to Coyote Hills Park in Fremont (August 21), and to the home of my friends in Half Moon Bay (August 23-24).  All pictures except the last were taken by Karen.  Click on any picture to see the full-size image.

Coyote Hills.

Another part of Coyote Hills.

The Half Moon Bay trip.  Sand Hill Road, with the Stanford foothills in the foreground and the Santa Cruz mountains in the background.

Old La Honda Road (East).  My favorite climb so far.

Old La Honda Road (West), going down.

Highway 1 going toward Half Moon Bay.

Tunitas Creek Road on the way back.  Another great climb.

One of the views from Kings Mountain Road, my favorite descent so far.

Below is the approximate route we took to Half Moon Bay along with an elevation profile.  The yellow dot on the profile is on Skyline Blvd.  When I have time I'll add the route home and profile for that as well.

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