2001 Cycling

Long Trips

  1. Palo Alto to San Luis Obispo. March 1 to 4. 256 miles.  I accompanied Mike Vermeulen on the start of his across US trip that marked the beginning of his one year by bicycle.  I planned to go with him down most of the coast and then finish by going to the Mexican border and San Diego, but  heavy rain and knee problems made me decide to abort at San Luis Obispo.  I returned to work and saved my vacation for June, when I did the trip alone in beautiful weather.
  2. Palo Alto to the Mexican border to San Diego.  June 9 to 16.  660 miles.  The highlights of this trip were visits to UC Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and San Diego, to see if I would consider going to grad school in math at them.  I really liked all three.

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