June 21, 2006

A day trip with UCLA math grad student climbing friends Will Conley, Aaron Reite, Stephen Kwok and Danielle O'Donnol.  For Stephen and Danielle it was their first multipitch climbing experience (and only my second after Snake Dike); for all three of us it was our first time at Tahquitz, which I had looked longingly at when hiking up San Jacinto Peak.  Danielle followed Aaron on Angel's Fright (5.6) while Stephen and I followed Will on Fingertrip (5.7), both 3-pitches to the so-called Lunch Ledge, although Aaron and Danielle did their climb in two pitches.  Unfortunately no one took photos of any of us climbing, and the pictures I did take came out poorly due to lighting and the camera being on the wrong setting.   Here are a couple pictures I took on Lunch Ledge.

We had a huge and delicious lunch (you can see the watermelon and bottle of icy lemonade) but unfortunately I ate too much and then felt terrible the rest of the day.  We had only one more pitch to the top, after which we found some shade from the harsh sun (it was a very hot day).   I think that is San Jacinto Peak to the right.

We then made the decent, passing by other good climbs, including the famous Open Book, the first climb ever to be rated 5.9.  It's hard to see but there is a woman near the top climbing it.

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