Thursday, December 10

Higashi-mukoujima, Tokyo

Thursday was a very relaxed day, as the flight home was late that afternoon and I like to get to the airport early. Tadashi-kun returned from work, and I had breakfast with everyone. I spent the rest of the morning talking with Tadashi-kun and playing old video games with him.

Just before I left I took this picture of Tadashi-kun and Otousan. Okaasan had already left for work.

Watanabe2.jpg (58248 bytes)

Otousan's hobby is driving. This is a relatively new Nissan automobile; before that he had a Ford of about the same size which even had the steering wheel on the Japanese side. Last year he drove me to the nearby Hikifune station, from which I can take the train directly to the airport. This year we also went to Hikifune, but Tadashi-kun drove. Despite being a professional, he has seldom driven from his home and had to get directions from Otousan to find his way out of the maze of back streets surrounding their house.

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